Of Easter and Rabbits and Chocolate Eggs

Poem originally published in The Weekly Knob on March 31, 2018.
Children don't always comprehend what they see
Like big fluffy bunnies laying eggs on TV
The adults understand that it's all just a lark
A candy advertisement leaving its mark.
The world is so simple when seen through small eyes
Experience is needed to truly grow wise
And now, here we are, with the premises set
to begin this little tale of woe and regret
“Easter is coming! It’s already so near!”
Said Mama one day with excitement and cheer
“But we have no baskets, no candy, no eggs,
and no hopping bunnies on swift little legs!” 
“We’ll have to get up at the first light of dawn
so the kids will have eggs to hunt on the lawn.”
Mama was flustered, that was apparent
so afraid was she of the label “BAD PARENT”. 
“Don’t worry, my dear, everything will be fine,”
said Papa, deploying his commonest line
“I’ll pick up the baskets, the candy, the eggs,
I’ll even get bunnies on swift little legs.”
“We’ll invite all the parents,” said Mama with glee,
“and show them that we have the best family.
It'll be one for the ages, a spectacular hunt!” 
"Don’t invite Rachel, she’s kind of a mess.”
The day had arrived, the weather was fair
and the laughter of children danced in the air
OJ for kids, champagne for adults
Joneses, Kincaids, Smithses, and Schultz
The feet of small children now trampled the lawn
in search for the eggs all hidden at dawn
“It’ll grow back,” Papa thought with a shrug
as Mama looked on with a smile most smug.
The baskets, the candy, even the eggs,
the rabbits that hopped on their swift little legs.
“They’ve done well this year.” Even Rachel approved,
she of the famously foul, nasty mood. 
“I got one! I got one!” said Emma with pleasure
She ran to her parents to show them her treasure
A pink plastic egg, all packed up with treats
and then off ran Emma on her toddling feets.
It was all just so perfect, something to see
Mama knew that this party was fit for TV
“They won’t say a thing, they mustn’t, they daren’t!
Now everyone will know I’m a really GOOD PARENT!”
“Look what I found!” Joey said with surprise
The kids gathered ‘round with wonderous eyes
“Just like on TV, some real rabbit eggs!
I watched them come out from between its back legs!”
The parents’ brows furrow, their puzzlement plain
“What sort of eggs could a rabbit have lain?” 
Was this a miracle of Easter perhaps?
Or was Joey off his meds, and having a lapse? 
“Well go on and try it,” said one of the kids
"Tell us just what kind of chocolate it is!”
But these eggs were of a particular sort
having left their berth by the farticular port.
“Hey, put that down!” Papa said with a start
remembering that Joey just wasn’t that smart.
The parents rushed over in panicked surprise
as tears slowly fell from poor Joey’s eyes.
The flavor was earthy and foul and bitter
the other kids laughed, with a howl and a titter
Kincaids flapped their arms and threw quite a fit
appalled at the sight of their son eating shit.
“This party is ruined, the fault is all mine!”
Mama collapsed in her chair with a whine
“It never turns out quite like this on TV.
Something is wrong, and I’m sure that it’s me!”
“Don’t be like that dear, everything’s fine.”
Papa really needed to get a new line
“Get Joey some juice, the Kincaids will stay
while I go and put all the rabbits away.”
The party had suffered one helluva hitch
and Rachel continued to be a real mess
But all was forgotten, thanks to champagne
The Kincaids stayed put and didn’t complain.
Life isn’t perfect, and that’s really okay
Some growing had happened on that Easter day
Mama and Joey learned a lesson, you see
Things aren’t always as they appear on TV.


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