Talking About Writing, Y’know?

In this episode, I talk about making excuses for my inaction, social media as part of my writing career, and why The Disaster Artist frightens me. Also, I spend quite a bit of time talking about the writing process and why forcing myself to do it is probably a good thing.

A Murderous Scent

She leans in, her plump red lips pursed provocatively, and that’s when I smell it. Midnight Rose. I’m looking deep into those emerald eyes, those hungry lioness eyes, and I know who I’m looking at. READ MORE…

No Hook Can Catch Time

“This, Miss Macy, is a rainbow trout. They live in the rivers around here. These are the ones we’re gonna catch tomorrow. Hopefully,” he added, winking. “That’s the thing about fishin’; just ’cause you go out meanin’ to catch a fish don’t mean you will.” – READ MORE