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  • Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow

    […] BUFF crews had been reporting encounters with Soviet interceptors. It had started with tailing at a distance, then escalated to being buzzed at close range…

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  • Slow Burn

    Slow Burn

    June/July 2021 Writing Wrap-Up We’ve only just reached August, and already this summer is on fire! Figuratively and literally–since my wife and I have returned to Idaho, it’s been smoke-filled skies every day, thanks to the wildfires burning in Oregon. That haze has done little to curb the heat, with temps regularly going over 100F.…

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  • It Skips A Generation

    It Skips A Generation

    Anthony‘s head nodded gently as he cruised down the street. The slow, soft notes of the piano drifted gently through the air. Before long, the tempo would take off and the pace would become frenetic, but this was the beginning, a time to relax and settle in for the ride to come.

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  • Winning


    “He arrived at the multicolored tangle of boys and girls just in time to watch the ball go flying out toward the red goal. Panting hard, he stopped to watch the others go after it again. This was not a new experience for Jace; he was almost always last to the ball, and on the…

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  • Strangers Live in My House

    Strangers Live in My House

    I still remember the cloying scent of pine the resistance against the draw knives as we peeled the flesh from the logs pitch, like tar tree’s blood trapping dirt and grime in its sticky embrace leaving patches on my blistered hands I still rememberthe short afternoonsbetween school and workshoveling snow from the layers of plasticprotecting…

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  • Everything You Love Will Be Used Against You

    Everything You Love Will Be Used Against You

    In which a certain familiar Millennial is faced with one of the unpleasant realities of getting older

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  • In Plain Sight

    In Plain Sight

    How do you pull off a murder in a public place? Xander’s got the answer.

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  • What Your Cover Says About Your Book

    What Your Cover Says About Your Book

    The reality of snap judgments, and why it matters We’ve all heard the phrase. In fact, I’m not even going to type it out, because I know you know it. That little piece of advice that tells us not to do the thing that comes naturally to every human being. Oh, fine. Don’t judge a…

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  • Lost and Found

    Lost and Found

    *knock knock knock* Brett looked up from the cup of coffee cradled in his hands. He’d been staring into space, his mind a blank. For how long he couldn’t be sure; long enough that the coffee had stopped steaming and was merely warm. He’d taken a single sip, barely tasting it. There was no comfort…

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  • The Flavor of Christmas

    The Flavor of Christmas

    Aunt Madge’s infamous fruitcake. It had become a running joke that this was the only real Christmas tradition they had. Every year it made an appearance at the family get-together, and every year her parents made a big deal about having to choke down a piece of it.

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