The Big Debut

“I can’t believe I’m going through with this.” Ben had gone to his first drag show back in college. It was eye opening. He wasn’t attracted to the performers in a sexual way; rather, he was in awe of the performers’ unfaltering confidence. It was, in it’s own way, incredibly macho.


A Murderous Scent

She leans in, her plump red lips pursed provocatively, and that’s when I smell it. Midnight Rose. I’m looking deep into those emerald eyes, those hungry lioness eyes, and I know who I’m looking at. READ MORE…

No Hook Can Catch Time

“This, Miss Macy, is a rainbow trout. They live in the rivers around here. These are the ones we’re gonna catch tomorrow. Hopefully,” he added, winking. “That’s the thing about fishin’; just ’cause you go out meanin’ to catch a fish don’t mean you will.” – READ MORE

It Skips A Generation

Anthony‘s head nodded gently as he cruised down the street. The slow, soft notes of the piano drifted gently through the air. Before long, the tempo would take off and the pace would become frenetic, but this was the beginning, a time to relax and settle in for the ride to come.


“He arrived at the multicolored tangle of boys and girls just in time to watch the ball go flying out toward the red goal. Panting hard, he stopped to watch the others go after it again. This was not a new experience for Jace; he was almost always last to the ball, and on the rare occasion when he did get near it, his first instinct was to simply kick it as hard as he could.”