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"The Glass Frog" by J. Brandon Lowry book cover. A collage of watercolor images including a girl in a yellow dress holding a frog, an uncertain man drinking a beer, and a focused man's face looking off into the distance. The cover holds a gold seal from BlueInk Review marking it as a Notable Book.

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  • The Big Debut

    The Big Debut

    “I can’t believe I’m going through with this.” Ben had gone to his first drag show back in college. It was eye opening. He wasn’t attracted to the performers in a sexual way; rather, he was in awe of the performers’ unfaltering confidence. It was, in it’s own way, incredibly macho.Advertisement

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  • Talking About Writing, Y’know?

    Talking About Writing, Y’know?

    In this episode, I talk about making excuses for my inaction, social media as part of my writing career, and why The Disaster Artist frightens me. Also, I spend quite a bit of time talking about the writing process and why forcing myself to do it is probably a good thing.

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  • A Murderous Scent

    A Murderous Scent

    She leans in, her plump red lips pursed provocatively, and that’s when I smell it. Midnight Rose. I’m looking deep into those emerald eyes, those hungry lioness eyes, and I know who I’m looking at. READ MORE…

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  • It Ain’t the Kind of Job You Advertise

    It Ain’t the Kind of Job You Advertise

    I need the interior painted, he says, but he’s only showing me the exterior. He swipes again, and now I’m looking at something out of a goddamn horror movie… For some things, it’s hard to remember how you got started. This ain’t like that. READ MORE

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